PHP / Laravel web developer

About Me

I am a Korean-Canadian web developer who specializes in Laravel/PHP and VueJS development. I also do a lot of WordPress website development, and I like to create my own themes.

What I am good at

I believe my biggest strength is being able to see the big picture of a program when clients give the requirements. There are two types of developers they say, the type who think inside out, and the type who thinks outside in. I am the latter, who is better at looking at the big picture of software development and having architecture in mind.

Second strength is that I am able to create frontend exactly like your design almost all the time, and I am able to do it very quickly thanks to the experiences I’ve accumulated over the years. I am very accustumed to working with highly skilled designers, and those designers have high standards. I’ve worked with many designers and I am also skilled at filling in the gaps that the designers might have missed.

Third is that I have years of development experiences and continuously thriving to learn more every single day. I have worked with startups throughout my career, meaning I am used to working at a high pace and delivering within deadlines.

Do you have a cool project to discuss? Are you looking to strengthen your development team or just looking for someone who can bring your idea to life? Then let’s talk.


  • Expert full stack Laravel developer with years of web development experiences
  • 8+ years experience developing PHP and web development
  • Primary technologies: Laravel / VueJS / WordPress


Computer Engineering from University of Waterloo

Laravel Wordpress VueJS Webpack Bootstrap Bulma SMACSS NodeJS TDD Unit Testing Git AWS (EC2, SES, S3) Markdown