Introduction: Laravel Package Generator Extended!
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Generating Laravel package is fun and exciting task. However, there are a lot of manual works involved in it still. We want to be able to use the artisan commands to generate all the necessary files on the fly just like how we develop our regular Laravel application. That’s why I’ve created Laravel Package Generator
[Tutorial] Part 3: Create a Laravel package – Front end assets
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Link to full package boilerplate Last tutorial, we went over creating migrations, model and controllers, and also routes and views for laravel package development. We’ll go over how to set up webpack and compile scss and js to use in the views for our packages. Directory structure You should now have something like this kind
[Tutorial] Part 2: Create a Laravel package – Migrations, Controllers, Routes, Views
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Link to full package boilerplate If you followed first part of this tutorial, you should have a folder called packages in your Laravel installation, and inside that, you should have directory structure like following: packages |- <your-github-id> |-- <your-package-name> | |--composer.json |--<YOURSERVICEPROVIDER>.php |--src <-- A blank folder In this part of the tutorial, we will
[Tutorial] Part 1 : Create a Laravel package – The Basic setup
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Link to full package boilerplate Basic Setup Start new Laravel project or open an existing Laravel project and create folder packages/<your-github-id>/<your-package-name> in the Laravel project. And then, inside the directory: Create src folder. This is where you will store all your package source code (routes, migrations, views, etc). create Go into terminal in the
Setting up PHP / Composer / Laravel from Scratch on your mac
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Recommended: Setting up Hyper and Oh-my-zsh If you want to make your command line more pleasing to the eye, and more usable, you could consider installing Hyper and Oh-my-zsh. – Go to: and download / install the app. – For Oh-my-zsh, follow their installation instruction ( git clone git:// ~/.oh-my-zsh cp ~/.zshrc ~/.zshrc.orig cp
Setting up Local Domain in MAMP free version (like
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Setting up Local Domain in MAMP (like Why? My favorite way to set up PHP server, Laravel valet doesn’t run apache You might need to set up an existing project with a giant .htaccess file that you don’t wanna spend time going through. You need to set up an apache server quickly to read
PHP Regex detection for File Mime types (like image/*)
If there is something that I struggle with all the time, that is Regex. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around how regex works. I guess I never put in enough time to actually study and memorize how I can create a regex on my own. It’s always been stored safely in my
Super fast WordPress dev environment setup using Laravel valet
Why? I used Local by Flywheel to start a website quickly and manage the sites. I recently came across many problems with Local, including slow site speed, some operations were timing out or was taking forever. I also wasn’t a fan of “Dev Mode” functionality that keeps on switching off, giving unexpected behaviour to files