Coastline – Expats in Korea

Listings, Events, and Information for expats in Busan


I wanted to build a platform that can help the expats in all over the world by providing listings and information from locals. Coastline is my first startup as a founder, partnered with my girlfriend, Gina Gwon. We’ve created a small MVP by creating a Facebook page and uploaded some information that we wanted to share with the expats, and later, launched the website.


  • When users select a listing, it gives not only the listing’s information but shows what is inside the listing, events happening at the listing and also information that is good to know before visiting the place.

Front-end Development

  • The home page is built like a SPA, but for the purposes of SEO, we’ve decided to make a separate page for individual listings.
  • We didn’t want to wait too long before launching, the whole development took around two months, and that was while creating contents on facebook everyday.

Back-end development

  • I’ve used Laravel to quickly bootstrap the backend and aim to make it as simple as possible for the MVP.

Link to Site

Image 1: Main Screen
Image 2: