High School Math Test

iOS app for learning math. Built for high school students.


I am an app developer, and my girlfriend is a high school math teacher. We wanted to create something together that can make use of both of our professions. Thus, we decided to make an app that helps high school students study and prepare for before a test.

In this app, students can take mock exams from over 1,500 original questions that we’ve created, and typed into the database. We’ve also created tools to create math questions easier, called Geometry Shape Editor. We were able to generate our own shapes/figures/graphs for our questions using the tool.


Full CMS for uploading / downloading questions 5 different courses: Pre-Algebra | Algebra-1 | Geometry | Algebra-2 | Pre-Calculus Chapter overview In app purchases Geometry Shape Editor for generating Graphs / Shapes / Figures for the questions


I’ve done the programming, and my girlfriend made the contents, including the questions for the tests and materials for the chapter overview.

All the images and questions and chapter materials have been created and programming for the web backend and iOS application.

Huge parts of our effort was going into content generation, so efficient mechanism for creating and entering the data was the key issue.


To create an app that helps students review quickly before a test. We will continue to update this product and see how it can help students in USA.

We are adding extra features such as adding solutions for the test questions.

Our plan is to expand to other countries, such as Canada and Australia.

Image 1: App Screen
Image 2: App Screen